The business activities of ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH includes the production and distribution of enzymes, microbial cultures and other innovative biotechnological products.

Since the founding of the company in 1991, we have continually developed our capabilities in the field of enzymes. Our current product spectrum covers the areas of

  • Food processing
  • organic synthesis
  • Analytics/ biosensor technology
  • Textile industry
  • Paper industry
  • Biogas industry


In the area of mixed microbial cultures we offer products for industrial and private use. The main areas of application is pond/ lake restoration and the improvement of water quality in aquariums, garden ponds and commercial aquacultures.

Research and development take a central place in our company policy to maintain the high standards of our product quality, manufacturing methods and our innovative spirit. Application-oriented research projects are executed in cooperation with research facilities and companies or at the request of customers.



ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH stands for


  • innovative products
  • high Standards in Research and development
  • special Services for customers



Special services in various fields of biotechnology

Further development of existing products and realization of new ideas is another part of our company strategy. Therefore various application-oriented development projects are carried out in self-government or on behalf of third parties. Because of the already gained experience through executed projects and the existing know-how ASA Spezialenzyme offers application-oriented services since 1997.


The services includes:

  • Development of biotechnological processes to solve environmental problems (Bioremediation)
  • Development of fermentation and purification processes
  • Strain development and genetic engineering
  • Enzyme technologies



We also offer the following services in the field of environmental biotechnology:

  • Biological soil remediation
  • Rehabilitation of heavy metal contaminated soils
  • Biological lake restoration




  • Develop biological, environmental friendly, and inexpensive solutions for challenges in the area of environmental-, food-, and biotechnology.

  • Produce and deliver enzymes for the use in industry, science and Research.

  • Develop and produce microorganisms for the adjustment and stabilization of the biological balance in natural waters, aquariums and commercial aquacultures.

  • Help you to plan and execute research projects in the area of biotechnology.

  • Are excited about your further interest in our Company.