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The ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH has been working on biotechnological solutions for scientific and everyday problems since 1991. Our product range varies from nutrients for biogas optimization to a biological and non-polluting alternative to chemical rust removal processes. Furthermore we are strongly represented in the area of pond restoration and aquatics thanks to our bacterial cultures ASA T & ASA N.


The production and distribution of high active enzymes is another of our main business areas. Special enzymes such as Laccase, Cutinase and Chitinase are already in use in research and industry to help to replace old-fashioned and polluting processes. We at ASA Spezialenzyme are capable of producing technical enzymes such as Cellulase on a large scale and therefore enable enterprises to use them cost-effectively.


As experts in research and development we stand by your side as a competent partner through our services and contract research.


Bioremediation is equally important to us and we are strongly committed to keep our soils and groundwater safe from harmful substances.




 01.02.2022 / Products / New prices due to ongoing delivery bottlenecks caused from Covid-19 pandemic

01.09.2021 / Products / New fungal Laccase with optimum at neutral pH

01.01.2020 / Products / New prices for our products